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Ian Lawler: Press

Future Nostalgia Review

 Artist Spotlight

CD Release Preview


"Ian Lawler is a visionary on guitar, able to make fine art by precise execution and deep passion."

- Speech, of Arrested Development

"Ian Lawler is a great guitar player, at home in many musical settings, and now stretching out as a singer and composer of his own material. With his upcoming move, Charlottesville is about to lose a major resource."

- Bobby Read, of Bruce Hornsby and the Noise Makers

"A monstrous musician."

- Charles "King" Arthur, guitarist for Slaid Cleaves

"When Ian was in my band, he added a tasteful, nuanced touch to every performance. Now, on his debut record, he develops that subtle swing into melodic perfection, settling into every groove with harmonious ease."

- Mariana Bell, singer/songwriter

"Lawler has the illest jankets in the game. And he's incredibly tall!"  

- Mayer Hawthorne

"This album has some of the finest pop songwriting I've heard in years, and I say this after at least 10 complete listens over the past two weeks. It sticks in your head. McCartney-esque melodic stylings, real lyrics, and superb instrumentation throughout. In all, a very musical and moving performance worth every penny."

- Ben Stevenson, 3 time Emmy winning producer

"You can call him a guitarist – and singer – for all seasons... The CD, available on his website and on iTunes and CD Baby, is a well-recorded collection of adult pop and rock songs featuring horns, percussion and even a Weissenborn lap slide guitar on one track. Lawler wrote all the tunes, and he sings and plays guitar. His guitar sound is crisp and clear, a full-bodied, palatable tone. Particularly lovely are back-to-back instrumentals dubbed "Lullaby Suite I: Path Less Traveled" and "Lullaby Suite II: Sweet Dreams."

- Mario Tarradell, Dallas Morning News music critic

Ian Lawler is a veteran songwriter who has toured and recorded with bands in so many genres it’s baffling how he’s managed to be so deftly versatile while crafting an album like Future Nostalgia... His skills as a songwriter are beyond reproach, as a single listen can attest...  He takes his many influences, from jazz to pop, and fuses them into a fully modern sound which at the same time sounds like it could have been a part of any number of musical eras. If this is the future of nostalgia, the musical world truly is cyclical, and Ian Lawler has a unique ability to take what in lesser hands would have been a Frankenstein monster of musical dross and turn it into pop gold.                                                                                                                - Jonathan Sanders, Hear Hear Music


"Ian was everything I could ask for in a guitar teacher.  He is not only extremely talented, but also very patient. He is always more than happy to wait and help you perfect a song.  Immensely talented, Ian could figure out any song I threw at him and he helped me improve greatly."  - Jon P.

"Ian Lawler was my guitar teacher for two years.  I would highly recommend him to students of all skill levels. He has a great attitude and is a fantastic teacher.  He helped me increase my playing skills in ways I never could have done on my own."  - Jay C.

"Ian Lawler was my guitar instructor for more than three and a half years and his teaching was simply the best. He doesn’t teach you how to play notes; he teaches you how to play music. Thanks to Ian I am now enrolled at Berklee College of Music and building on a great foundation."  - Aaron K.

"Ian is, simply the BEST guitar instructor you will find.  Whether you are a complete beginner, as I was, or an accomplished player, as several of my close friends are, he will take you to the next level, and as far as you want to go.  I am not sure which of his talents are the most important - he's an amazingly gifted player, knows and has taught music theory, has a vast repertoire of music - I could go on.  It could also be how much FUN he makes learning - even the painful, early parts.  He got me playing a shuffle blues my first lesson.  I was jamming w/ him in a week.  I have had lessons with several other professionals - NO ONE came near to Ian.

Besides being an accomplished teacher and player, maybe the single most important thing Ian did for me was to help me UNDERSTAND music.  Whether breaking down a very complex song into simple, understandable parts, or getting me to listen and identify the chords and song structure, Ian helped demystify the entire musical experience. I will always be grateful for that.

If there is one person, anywhere, that I would choose to take a lesson from or play music with, it would be Ian Lawler."  - Chris B.

(Sep 7, 2010)